Q. What age is the right age to start?

A. Between the ages of 6 & 8. Around 7 is a good age for younger students, but mature students have started well into their 50's & 60's with great success.

Q. Do I need an instrument before lessons begin?

A. Yes. Otherwise, lesson time becomes practice time, & the best use of the week is not used.

Q. Do I need any music before I start?

A. No. I provide many arrangements from basic to advanced, as well as all the necessary notes required.

Q. How often should I have lessons?

A. Once a week is the best option here. That way, the next lesson is close to the previous one so that any new material is still fresh in the memory.

Q. How long should my lessons be.

A. For the younger student, 30 minutes is usually long enough. However, for the mature student, a full hour is recommended.

Q. Will I learn new material in each lesson?

A. Yes, providing the previous work learned the last lesson has been practiced.

Q. How much revision is covered each lesson, & how much new material will be learned?

A. Again, it depends on how much practice is done over the week. The usual ratio is 10-20 minutes revision, & 20-40 minutes new material, depending on the length of the lesson.